CN096 Jute and Canvas Tote



  • Large open tote bag made of 8 oz. laminated Cotton Canvas and laminated Jute.
  • This Eco-Responsible™ tote bag is both reusable and made from made from renewable Jute fabric.
  • Jute fabric derives from renewable plants which can be harvested repeatedly throughout their lifetime.
  • When Jute fiber is made into fabric there is little waste, and most of that waste can be used for other purposes such as insulation and road building.
  • Jute is also compostable
  • Open interior pocket.
  • 21"l Cotton webbing and rope handles.
  • Do not wash. Wipe clean with warm rag. Do not iron.
  • Recommended weight tolerance: 15 lbs.
  • 18" w x 13" h x 4.5" d

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